Paintman Richard

Being trained as a mechanical engineer Richard
found that during the 2nd half of his life that he needed to find a
way to express his creative feelings, which already were already present in his
childhood. By coincidence he got involved in children face painting and this
lead to an appetite to learn and do more with it. Over some years he took
several classes at first at a local facility to learn more about children face painting, some theater make up and
the start of some special effects. But this was not enough so he took further classes at Faces, but also with world famous artists like Mark Reid, Nick and Brian Wolfe, Matteo Arfanotti and for special effects with Simon Smith.

As with the face painting body painting came on his path by coincidence but it has
made such a big impression that this has become one of his most favorite things
to do. There is a specific part in body painting that is called special
effects, were the normal painting is extended by adding parts to the human
body, that has got his special interest as it allows also other techniques and
materials to be used making it possible to make even more elaborate creations.

On his site you will find several examples
of his work. His work is not limited to body art only.
Other things are theater props, wall paintings, masks, helmets, fantasy wigs but also normal paintings.
Take a look at the site and enjoy what you see.